Free Online Training on Secondary Trauma and Fostering Wellness for Interpreters

MCIS Language Solutions has developed this course based on the training called Healing Voices: Interpreting for Survivors of Torture, War Trauma and Sexual Violence, a program developed by The Voice of Love (VOL) Project, a non-profit organization that dedicated itself to developing training and resources to support interpreters working with survivors of extreme trauma.

Course Description:
This course explores how interpreting for trauma survivors may affect an interpreter, by identifying factors related to job stress, learning about how to differentiate between secondary trauma and stress, as well as how to become aware of secondary trauma and strategies to prevent or minimize its effect. Lastly, the course reviews self-care techniques, including how to develop wellness goals.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify factors related to job stress and how they can affect one’s work.
  • Define and explain secondary trauma that interpreters may experience.
  • Apply strategies to identify, prevent or minimize secondary trauma for interpreters.
  • Review self-care strategies and create a personal wellness plan.

Course Completion Requirements:
To receive a certificate of completion, students must have viewed all the slides within the modules and have received a minimum of 70% on the course quiz.